Aleka Strezova, The Remembrance of the First World War in Bulgaria

Aleka Strezova - Institute for Historical Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
TOME IV 1966 1-2
pp. 309-316
Online publication date: 
First World War; Bulgaria; remembrance; centenary

The text sheds light on different aspects of remembrance of the First World War in Bulgaria. Various sources of historical past present the perception of this major event a hundred years later in Bulgaria. The account casts a glance on diversе materials related to the topic as for example well-known historical researches, new sources, governmental initiatives in celebrating the centenary, official narratives and less known sides of the Great War. The report doesn’t mean to exhaust the matter, it just represents the existing spirits and the perception of this major event among the Bulgarians. The exposé shows the domination of the narrative of bravery, military victories, belligerent enthusiasm, bitterness at the unjust Treaty of Neuilly. Still, a new story line appears, connected to less common topics such as the social trauma, the story of women, the sanitary care etc.