Alessandro Flavio Dumitrașcu, Un tardo riferimento all’ alleanza dinastica tra i Paleologi e i Malatesta

Alessandro Flavio Dumitrașcu - Institute for South-East European Studies, Bucharest
pp. 267-275
Online publication date: 
Privilege; Palaiologos; Malatesta; dynastical alliance; crusade

Our discovery of the privilege of Andreas Palaiologos for Malatesta de’ Malatesti allows us not only to add new information to the last years of the Byzantine despot’s biography and to identify the beneficiary of these diplomas but also to discover the continuation of a dynastical alliance, that, until now, was considered by most historians to have ended after the wedding of Zoe with Ivan III of Moscow. Most of all, this document tends to confirm the thesis of Jonathan Harris according to which Andreas Palaiologos continues to follow the politics of crusade of his father, Thomas.