Andrei Eșanu, Educational Values in the Vita Constantini Cantemyrii by Dimitrie Cantemir

Andrei Eșanu - Academy of Sciences of Rep. Moldova, Institute of History, Chişinau
pp. 267-273
Online publication date: 
cultural heritage, education, virtue, Decalogue, Moldavian prince

The capitalization and editing of D. Cantemir’s scientific heritage began almost three centuries ago, the process though is far from over. While some of the works of the Moldavian prince have been substantially edited and studied, some others remain in the shadows without due attention. Such is the case of Vita Constantini Cantemyrii… of which yet another copy was discovered in the Archive of Old Documents in Moscow, which reproduces quite truthfully the realities of the XVIIth century under the form of a freely narrated story. Presenting his father as a brave, courageous man, determined, skillful, wise, and caring parent, Dimitrie Cantemir observed one of the commandments of the decalogue – “Honor your father and mother”. As he took refuge to Russia after 1711 he was able to introduce his work to the scientific community in that country and cause his works to be printed. Some did get printed during his lifetime while some others only had that chance after his death.