Andrei Timotin, Prophéties anti-ottomanes à Venise à la fin du XVIIe siècle. Nicolas Arnou (1629–1692), lecteur des oracles byzantins

Andrei Timotin - Institut d’Études Sud-Est Européennes, Bucarest
p. 119-134
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political prophecy, Ottoman Empire, Venice, Nicolas Arnou, Oracles of Leo the Wise

The article analyses the use of Byzantine oracles, such as the Oracles of Leo the Wise and Expositio litterarum quae in speulcro Constantini Magni inscriptae erant, in a 17th century pseudo-prophetic text about the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Presagio dell’imminente rovina e caduta dell’ Impero Ottomano, printed in Padova in 1684. It highlights the role of the siege of Vienna in 1683 and of the Sultan Mehmed IV (1648–1687) in the anti-Ottoman propaganda literature flourishing in Venice in that period.

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