Aneta Mihaylova, The Emergence of Another “Little Entente”? the “Prague Spring” and the New Divisions in the Balkans

Aneta Mihaylova - Institute of Balkan Studies & Centre of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
p. 301-314
Online publication date: 
Prague Spring, Little Entente, Balkans, international relations

1968 was a turning point in the history of Europe and it had significant repercussions on the relations in its eastern part and the Balkans in particular. That was the time when the region was divided more than ever. During the “Prague Spring” there was much speculation of the emergence of a possible tripartite agreement between Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, actually of a revival of the “Little Entente” of the interwar period. The article seeks an answer how viable that possibility was and how close and similar were Romania and Yugoslavia, which were united in their support of Czechoslovakia.