Ciprian Firea, Des patrons « latins » et leurs peintres « grecs » dans la Transylvanie médiévale : quelques réflexions sur la peinture de l´église saxonne de Dârlos (Durles)

pp. 45-62
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mural paintings, Byzantine iconography, art patronage, Moldavian art, art in the Balkans

This study, focused on the mural paintings of the medieval church of Dârlos (Durles / Darlac), in Transylvania, summarizes the presentation given in October 2021 in the framework of the third annual Colloquium of the Institute for South-East European Studies in Bucharest. It aims to approach both the patrons and the artists responsible of the creation of the artworks, and it also attempts to propose a dating of this remarkable ensemble, characterized by a very interesting mixture of Eastern and Western traditions (artistic, iconographic, ideological etc.). The impetus for such an endeavor (and also for similar enterprises of several specialists and colleagues) was provided by recent restorations carried out in the sanctuary of church (2009–2016).