Davit Ghazaryan, Lusine Sargsyan, Some Armenian Amulets in Scroll from the Romanian Collections (Part I)

Davit Ghazaryan - Matenadaran, Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots, Yerevan, Armenia
Lusine Sargsyan - Department of Armenian Art History and Theory, Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia
p. 13-42
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Armenian art, amulets in scroll, miniature art, folk tradition, the Lamb of God, Crucifixion, Sacrifice of Isaac, Madonna and Child, Saint Gregory the Illuminator, Saint Nerses Shnorhali

This paper studies some Armenian amulets in scroll from Romanian collections. Two of these amulets are being studied for the first time (Dud. Ms. n. 17 and Cl. Nat. Arch. Ms. n. 20 + 21), and for another one (Cl. Univ. Lib., Amulet without inventory number) summary information was provided by the French Armenologist Frédéric Macler. Taking info consideration this fact, it became necessary to describe the exterior and contents of these amulets, as well as refer to illustrations. The amulets have some lost pieces both from the beginning and from the end, and that is why the main colophons, which are usually reflected at the end, are not accessible to us. Thus, we cannot provide complete information on the circumstances of creation of these amulets. However, the study of both paleography and illustrations indicate that the amulets in scroll date back to the 18th century