Florin Ţurcanu, Expérience du rapatriement et témoignage sur la captivité : la sortie de guerre des prisonniers roumains en Bulgarie (1918–1919)

Florin Țurcanu - Institut d’Études Sud-Est Européennes / Université de Bucarest
TOME LX 2022
pp. 219-228
Online publication date: 
Great War; prisoners of war; captivity; repatriation; Turtucaia / Toutrakan

For most of the Romanian prisoners in Bulgaria – captured at the start of hostilities during the battle of Turtucaia/Tutrakan (September 1–6, 1916) – the violence of war became identified with the violence of captivity. Their exit from the war rhymes, essentially, with the end of this particularly brutal and trying experience, as evidenced by their numerous testimonies delivered to the Romanian military authorities or published after the war. During the last year of the world conflict, while the war continues to rage on the French, Italian and Macedonian fronts, the Romanian prisoners return from Bulgaria to a country anguished by their fate, partially occupied and obliged to sign a peace separated with the Central Powers in May 1918.

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