Gerassimos G. Pagratis, Greek Subjects of Venice in Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Business: Some Sixteenth-Century Case Studies

Gerassimos G. Pagratis - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
pp. 207-215
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Venetian maritime state; Shipping history; Maritime History; sixteenth century; Greek subjects of Venice; Shipowners; Eastern Mediterranean

Studies on the maritime activities of Greeks in the sixteenth century, published in the last decades, have renewed research interest in this field, leading to the revision of the views of earlier researchers who describe Greek merchant shipping in the sixteenth century as an economic activity supported by a few boats, with which Greeks served local fishing and transporting activities, fearful of venturing beyond the safety of the coasts. Thanks to new bibliography it is documented the more active presence of subjects of Venice and foreigners in the maritime life of the State. The present study is part of a personal research project by the undersigned, aimed at compiling a typology of the participation of Greek subjects of Venice in maritime trade. As I see it, prerequisite for achieving this goal is the existence of a series of specific case studies. Some of these are proposed, in general outline, in this paper, referring to the years after the third Venetian-Ottoman war.