Ioana Feodorov, Mihnea III Radu, Prince of Wallachia, as Seen by Paul of Aleppo and His Father Macarius III, Patriarch of Antioch

Ioana Feodorov - Institute for South-East European Studies, Bucharest
p. 289-306
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Mihnea III (Mihail) Radu; Paul of Aleppo; Makāriyūs Ibn al-Za‘īm; Wallachia; 17th century.

Based on the complete Arabic edition of Paul of Aleppo’s Journal1, this paper presents all the passages that refer to Mihnea III (Mihail) Radu, prince of Wallachia, whom the author and his father, Patriarch Makāriyūs Ibn al-Za‘īm, personally met in Bucharest, where they were his honoured guests in 1658. Paul’s reports on the feasts, coronation, wars, and portrait of this Romanian prince, together with his father’s remarks in one of his miscellanies, allow the historian to get a clear glimpse of one of the most dramatic (and short) reigns in Wallachia in the second part of the 17th century.