Ioana Feodorov, New Data on the Early Arabic Printing in the Levant and Its Connections to the Romanian Presses

Ioana Feodorov - Institute for South-East European Studies, Bucharest
p. 197-233
Online publication date: 
Early Arabic printing, Patriarch Sylvester of Antioch, Athanasius Dabbās, Antim the Iberian, Arabic Psalter, Arabic Akathist, Beirut press

Three topics are discussed in this article, all connected to the printing work done by Sylvester, the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch (1724-1766), who travelled to Moldavia and Wallachia and succeeded in obtaining liturgical and polemical books necessary to the Arab Christians of Ottoman Syria and neighbouring provinces: first, the letters of Mūsā Ṭrābulsī, the Patriarch’s secretary, which enclose information on the Arabic printing activities of Iași and Bucharest; second, the description of a rare copy of a Psalter printed in Beirut in 1752, recently located in Uppsala; and third, information on an unknown Arabic Akathist, printed in a yet unidentified press, but possibly by Patriarch Sylvester’s apprentices.