Kristina Nikolovska, Tsar or Son of Perdition. South Slavic Representations of Ottoman Imperial Authority in Church Slavonic Paratextual Accounts (1466–1710)

Kristina Nikolovska - New Europe College, Bucharest
p. 71-86
Online publication date: 
Church Slavonic manuscripts, Ottoman Empire, paratexts, imperial legitimacy, deacon Dimitar of Kratovo, locusts.

This paper explores the various South Slavic viewpoints regarding the legitimacy of the Ottoman rule expressed in Church Slavonic paratextual writings. Apart from the theologically-based view according to which the Ottoman rule was a tyranny sent by God as punishment for sin, some South Slavic writers, I argue, used a neutral voice, and even legitimized the rule of the Sultan. The wider political contexts in which these accounts were created, I suggest, were crucial for the ways in which the South Slavic chroniclers represented Ottoman power in the margins of their religious manuscripts.