Maria Markova, The (Auto)biographical Stories of the Bulgarians from Western Thrace and of Their Descendants - Thinking of the History and the Identity

Maria Markova - Institute of Ethnology with Museum, Sofia
p. 77-86
Online publication date: 
immigrants, Aegean (Western, Greek) Thrace, identity, relocation, memory

The topic is focused on the age and the generation of the informers and their connections with the historical events. The reflection of the changes in their lives and identity could be observed in them realizing that they have experienced dramatic historical events during the same period of time in their lives. The victimization/ heroization / mythologization of their ancestors, the pride to be a part of the grand historical events, the connection with the diaspora, the metropolia, the homeland and the issues which are connected with it – its understanding, experiencing and perception, are aspects that also have to be analyzed. These common moments create a part of the group consciousness of the respondents – their shared remembrance and values, but also show that people from various generations with a similar historical background develop common remembrance, values and beliefs even though they remember different historical processes.

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