Mariam Vardanyan, Altar Crosses in Romanian-Armenian Church Tradition

Mariam Vardanyan - Yerevan State University, Chair of Armenian Art History and Theory
TOME IV 1966 1-2
pp. 191-217
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Armenians in Romania; Armenian art; Armenian altar crosses; liturgical objects; ritual objects; silver art; Armenian silversmiths of Constantinople; Armenian silversmiths of Van-Vaspurakan; Constantinople style; Dudian museum; Armenian St. Mary Church in Botosani; Armenian collections in Romania; Art of Armenian communities; Evangelists and Prophets; quatrefoil

Current paper presents the Armenian altar crosses preserved at the Dudian Museum of Armenian Diocese of Romania, Museum of Armenian St. Mary Church in Botosani and Armenian Churches in Romania. These crosses have never studied before and are being published for the first time. Here are discussed problems of attribution, iconography and style of images and scenes decorating the altar crosses. The study of these examples is very important, as it includes a lot of new information to expand our perceptions on the decorations and typology of Armenian altar crosses. Also thanks to this research, we could bring together and make a small revue about the Armenian altar crosses in general.