Mariam Vardanyan, The Armenian Hand Crosses in Various Collections of the Armenian Diocese of Romania

Mariam Vardanyan - Yerevan State University, UNESCO Chair of Armenian Art history, Yerevan, Armenia
p. 101-122
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Armenian art, hand crosses, liturgical objects, silver art, Constantinople style, Dudian museum, Armenian colonies, Armenians in Romania

Current paper presents the collection of Armenian hand or benediction crosses preserved in various collections of the Armenian Diocese of Romania. There are 14 Armenian hand crosses in Diocese, 10 of which are in Dudian Museum in Bucharest, and 4 at the museum of Armenian Church of the Holy Virgin in Botoșani. These crosses have never studied before; moreover, the crosses from the Dudian museum are being published for the first time. The study of these examples is very important for both in the study of Armenian liturgical objects, history of Armenian silver art and history of art of Armenian colonies in general.