Mihai Ţipău, Deux documents inconnus de Ştefan Bogdan, « Prince de Moldavie », fils de Iancu Sasul

Mihai Ţipău - Institut d’études sud-est européennes, Bucarest
p. 235-254
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Ştefan Bogdan, Gironimo Meoli, Thomas Glover, Wallachia, Moldavia, Constantinople, Spain

The paper analyzes two unpublished documents issued by the pretender Ştefan Bogdan, the son of Iancu Sasul in December 1610 and January 1611. The documents provide a new image of the actions of Bogdan to obtain the throne of Moldova and also information on the activity of Gironimo Meoli, secretary of Thomas Glover, the English ambassador in Constantinople. Meoli was at the center of a very complex intelligence network, which included the Papal States, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and Spain. The documents indicate that Meoli, sent by Ştefan Bogdan was heading for Spain, carrying a letter from the pretender for King Philip III.

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