Mihai Țipău, Constantinople, Bucharest, Venice. Versified Greek “Histories” and Their Journeys (17th-18th Centuries)

Mihai Țipău - Institute for South-East European Studies, Bucharest
pp. 109-118
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Venice, Constantinople, Wallachia, Greek printing.

The subject of this study is the reception of three very successful products of the Greek Venetian printing houses from 17th to the second half of the 19th century. The bibliographical study of their editions offers to the researcher the occasion to find and locate even more new, unknown editions of these books. The three booklets in Greek verses are based on actual historical events taking place mainly in Wallachia and Constantinople. The paper endeavors to study the reasons these booklets were best sellers of the respective printing houses for such a long period of time, discussing also the limits between history and literature.