Milena Marinova, Presentation of “the Ideal” and “the Other” Models of Family Formation in Bulgarian Films of the 1970s

Milena Marinova - Institute of Ethnology with Museum, Sofia
p. 127-131
Online publication date: 
Bulgarian films, the 1970s, family formation, models

Throughout the period of socialism the state undertakes a number of measures to control all aspects of the population’s life. The family, which at that time is looked upon as “a major cell of society”, is to shape the future generations in keeping with the ideology aspect to by the communist party. The family is kept under control ever since the start of its formation. A great number of regulations and restrictions are drawn concerning marriage contraction age, its form (e.g. “comsomol style” marriage) and the family’s reproductive function. The report highlights the depiction of those aspects of state policy in feature films from the “mature socialism” period.