Radu G. Păun, Prier dans le « Jardin de la Mère de Dieu ». La commémoration des ktitors au Pyrgos de l’Albanais (monastère de Hilandar, Mont Athos, ms. Hilandar 519)

Radu G. Păun, CNRS, Paris
pp. 7-44
Online publication date: 
Mount Athos; Arbanaški pirg; Hilandar; Wallachia; ktitorship

The present paper deals with the manuscript 519 (426) from the archives of Hilandar monastery on Mount Athos, which contains the memorial book (pomenik) of the so-called « Albanian Tower » (Arbanaški pirg), that is, the chapel of Saint-Georges, a small and less known monastic dependency of the Hilandar monastery (Mount Athos). The article focuses on the oldest part of the manuscript (ff.1r–6v; end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century), containing the synodikon of the house and the list of the main ktitors to whom the monks had to offer prayers. The examination of this valuable document shed light on the relations between the Albanian Tower’s monastic community and the Orthodox world before and after the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans and provides relevant clues for the study of the commemoration practices. The part under scrutiny is published in the Appendix (transcription and facsimile).