Serge A. Frantsouzoff, Le Manifeste de Pierre le Grand du 15/26 juillet 1722 rédigé et imprimé par Dimitrie Cantemir. Une mise au point

Serge A. Frantsouzoff - Institut des Manuscrits Orientaux de l’Académie Russe des Sciences, St.-Pétersbourg
p. 261-274
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Dimitrie Cantemir; Manifesto; Peter the Great; Persian campaign; Arabic printing

The author of this paper reconsiders some issues connected with the Manifesto of Peter the Great of July 15/26, 1722, composed and printed by Dimitrie Cantemir at the beginning of the Tsar’s Persian campaign, viz. the nature of the Turkish langue in which the document is written (Ottoman or Tatar), its printing in two variants, which differ only in the monograms (tugrâ) placed at the head of the paper, the precise interpretation of the imperial titles included in the monograms and, last but not least, the factors which impelled this Romanian statesman and scholar to create the first Arabic types in Russia.