Seyranouche Manoukyan, L’art des icônes des Arméniens de Roumanie

Seyranouche Manoukyan - Université d’État d’Erevan, Institut des Arts de l’ANS de la République d’Arménie
TOME IV 1966 1-2
pp. 165-189
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Icon art of Armenians from Romania; 16th–19th c.; Moldavia; Botoşani; Bucharest; Armenian and Romanian artistic relationships

The article is devoted to the icon art of Armenians in Romania, who emigrated from Crimea to Moldova in the 14th century. The icons of the Armenian churches of Botoşani, Suceava, Iaşi, Roman, Târgu Ocna, Focşani and other places were studied. Significant collections of Armenian icons are currently kept in the churches and museums of Botoşani and Suceava, at the Dudian Museum of the Armenian Church of the Holy Archangels and at the residence of the Head of the Armenian Diocese of Romania in Bucharest. The icons of Armenians in Romania are still unknown to scientific circles and need to be studied. This is why, since 2014, we have undertaken their study with the aim of clarifying the following questions: their sources, their bases, their relationship with local Armenian and Romanian cultural traditions, technical and artistic languages, their iconographic, stylistic and figurative particularities.