Vera Tchentsova, Les artisans grecs des projets culturels du Patriarche Macaire III d’Antioche

Vera Tchentsova - Institut d’Histoire de l’Académie Russe des Sciences, Moscou
p. 315-346
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Christian East; Russia; Moldavia; Wallachia; Chios; Orthodox Church; Patriarch of Antioch Macarius III Ibn al-Zaʽīm; Paul of Aleppo; Greek documents; manuscripts; Greek paleography; Paisios Ligaridis; John Sakoulis

Macarius III Ibn al-Zaʽīm, Patriarch of Antioch, was particularly devoted to promoting the Christian Arab culture. His efforts to collect manuscripts and printed books useful for the Christian Arabs, and to prepare translations from Greek into Arabic, required the contribution of Greek scholars and copyists. This paper focuses on the work of several of the Patriarch’s collaborators, first of all Paisios Ligaridis, Metropolitan of Gaza, and the priest John Sakoulis. Both of them left important documentary and manuscript evidence of their work in the field of copying, writing, and even preparing for printing of some Greek texts considered especially valuable by Patriarch Macarius.