Virginia Blînda, La migration des livres dans le Sud-Est de l’Europe (milieu du XIXe siècle)

Virginia Blînda - Institut d’Études Sud-Est Européennes, Bucarest
pp. 245-256
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books; Romanian Principalities; Southeast European communities; Mid of the 19th Century

Our paper explores some aspects of the dissemination of printed books in Southeast Europe, using as framework the existing legislative context. To this end, our research performs a general analysis of the book regime in the Romanian Principalities (especially in Wallachia), the printing of books for Southeast European communities in the North Danube territories, and the regulations on book circulation in the Ottoman Empire (mid-century nineteenth century and in the decades that followed). Mobility of the print in Southeast Europe led to the emergence and evolution of some cultural, political and legal practices, and they all contributed to the impact that access to knowledge had on these communities.

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