Virginia Blînda, Quelques considérations sur les peines associées a l’univers des livres dans les Principautés Danubiennes et dans l’Empire Ottoman (milieu du XIXe siècle)

Virginia Blînda - Institut d’Études Sud-Est Européennes, Bucarest
p. 117-126
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punishments, knowledge, Danubian Principalities, Ottoman Empire, printed books

In the Danubian Principalities (1832–1849) and the Ottoman Empire (from 1857), the legislation mentions various sanctions endured by those who did not follow the rules on the circulation of the books (publishers, booksellers, readers). Towards the mid-nineteenth century, sanctions on the unlawful circulation of books coming from abroad or printed in their own countries have started to be enforced. This way, authorities wanted to reduce the influence that books could have on a new generation of young intellectuals willing to change the existing social and political foundations

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