Yulia Petrova, The Travels of Macarius: Return of the Forgotten Manuscript of A. Krymskyi

Yulia Petrova - “A. Krimskyi” Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
p. 357-376
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The Travels of Macarius; Paul of Aleppo; Macarius III Ibn al-Za‘īm; Agathangel Krimskyi; Tawfiq Kezma; Omeljan Pritsak

The article is devoted to the abridged version of Paul of Aleppo’s diary about the journey of Macarius III Patriarch of Antioch through the Orthodox countries in the 17th century, which is preserved in Kyiv1. This manuscript was discovered by the Ukrainian scholar Agathangel Krimskyi, who introduced it to the academic circles in the early 20th century. It was considered lost for a long period of time. Here we present the data on the history and research of the manuscript, pointing out to our remarks concerning its contents and structural peculiarities, as compared to the expanded Paris and London manuscripts. Samples of interpolations made by the scribes that supplement or modify
the known expanded versions are presented as well.

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